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Dimitris Mytilinaios-htmylh or howtomakeyourlifeharder

January 8, 2022


Live your myth in Greece To be a young or new Greek artist based in Greece in 2022 is already a kind of a statement. I feel like I represent the financial crisis generation; when I graduated from high-school the most common thing we were told is that the possibilities of finding a good job […]

Sia Sourelou- Enteka dance

January 27, 2012


Dance itself is a motivation,   looking for extraordinary moments when out of nothing came something, where nothing is something  There is a saying “what we don’t see doesn’t exist”…I am interested in what is beneath and beyond what we see. In the search of our identity, moving gives us the chance to create another kind […]

YELP danceco.- Mariela Nestora

September 22, 2011


 “The media change, but it’s still through the body. It doesn’t have to be dancing to be a dance.” Rachid Ouramdane

Rootless Root

August 28, 2011


ROOTLESSROOT COMPANY  RootlessRoot  Company was founded by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek in 2006 inAthens. We are building language of physical expression that is chaotic, raw, and can stay in opposition to what surrounds us both culturally and politically. Our approach is born out of belief that the time of heroes is not gone, and the […]

Detour collective- Aikaterini Dinopoulou

July 5, 2011


Telepresence and Telematics An investigation of the physical and digital body in interactive digital performance and installation This study will introduce contrasts and comparisons between ‘digital’ and ‘physical’ bodies, and examine questions regarding their relationship and use in the telematic interactive dance performance and installation practices that are part of my research project. On the […]