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Posted on August 28, 2011



 RootlessRoot  Company was founded by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek in 2006 inAthens.

photo Lila Sotiriou

We are building language of physical expression that is chaotic, raw, and can stay in opposition to what surrounds us both culturally and politically. Our approach is born out of belief that the time of heroes is not gone, and the body can still express our innermost desires, our feelings and our vision.

Besides creating, we are developing training program called

“Fighting Monkey – An introduction to the Mechanism of Injury.”  

This work concentrates on the application of a martial arts methodology into the education of actors, dancers and physical practitioners. We regularly consult with other teachers and masters in an effort to create a platform of exchange and growth on international basis, where sharing research enriches the embodied knowledge.

Fighting Monkey is a form of Emptying and Listening and has been developed to cultivate and stimulate body in a “dragon’s pool”.

Dragon’s pool symbolizes the importance of development and cultivation of our self in the midst of the world. Using difficulty and danger to develop strength, adaptability and test again what is possible in partnering.

Crashing ourselves into joy oriented fighting and dancing to rediscover our forgotten mental and physical potentials. Using complex and unusual movement situations where we activate firing process that wakes up our primitive/intuitive body, our form without a form.

Fighting Monkey looks for a central neural connection with the most open “ZERO” point out of which we are able to act, react and interact with our environment including forces of civilization, economy, politics, technology, history and culture.

photo Orfeas Ermizas

This is one of the texts that largely influence our art work. Questioning humanity and our suicidal tendencies. What makes humans so self destructive and what make us believe we are the top of the evolution.

 I believe we are in one of the greatest crises, a moment of the deepest self-reflexion of humanity. Whether we recover from it, whether we become masters of this crisis, is a question of our strength. It is possible..


on why

Dance is nothing else then just one of many ways of questioning the life and meaning of it. It is a process of looking for questions that help us to understand what we are doing here. And if our body stops  to exist we will be totally lost, because we cling on it, we cling to the external world. We are locked by our senses in externals that are just an illusions.

If we knew we would die tomorrow, what would we perceive as important today? If body is the narrator of one’s story what is the role conscience is playing in it – in what way does it influence its development? What is the point between being and nothingness at which one decides that what they desire the most is to feel complete? And is it feasible for this wish to come true, to meet reality? Why not to quit? How much or what can one desire when the very vessel of their being, their body, is on loan?

These are some of the questions/points of reference that run through the creative concept of RootlessRoot Company. RootlessRoot attempts to be in contact with the concept of Nothingness as a component that gives life and lives within human existence.

our philosophy

Nothingness is a place where we begin and where we die.

Up until now, Rootlessroot language involved a dynamic, contact-oriented articulation with which we could express complex emotional landscape of human kind. Reaching deep into the physical and emotional possibilities of the human structure, we consider the Body to be an extension of our ideas; a physical  interpretation of our intellectual concepts.

But this time it is our tangible body that initiates the whole idea and concept of the performance. It is Body itself that feels disturbed and upset by being constantly filled up with wasteful concepts, thoughts and food, with no space to exist, no place for quietness and listening.

We will create active body that is able to say NO to the polluted mind and goes on its own independent journey, creating a universe of empty uncovered space. A space where is no need for correctness in speed or time, but rather the beautiful, funny, dysfunctional co-ordinations that laugh at our being.

We will awaken Body that fights the mind, and denies to plays the stupid servant who pretends to cooperate. But the body that voluntary creates strange timings, decomposition, and total absence of correctness in every aspect of the present situation.

 The body in turmoil; the body that is meant to destroy or save its world and that of the others.

It is an approach toward composing the emotional/technical movement language which will provoke new questions about “The problem of the body”. Questions which concern what is temporary and permanent in the never-ending process of disappearance.


Rootlessroot Dance Company is building a language of physical expression that is chaotic, raw and in opposition to what surrounds them both culturally and politically. Looking for more truthful psychological gesture that can communicate with audience. Their approach is born from their belief that the time of heroes is not gone – the body can still express our innermost desires, our feelings and our vision.  Body as a disappearing, rotting and always changing form that shapes our concepts and makes us exist in this world.


RootlessRoot Company

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