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Marianna Kavallieratos

February 10, 2022


Ever After Meeting history Ever After started as a need to re-emerge a  story of death, from the history of dance through time: looking into dance Macabre, a lover’s lament duet in the romantic era, death as an encounter of postmodern dance, and finally death as a dark memory and echo of a narrative. The […]

Eleonora Ilia- A Priori Dance Co.

January 16, 2022


Choreographer’s statement My artistic research and my choreographic process are in a dialectical relationship with the movement of the world. Intuitively, I am inspired by all these small, quotidian acts which ‘enliven’ and shift everyday life’s norms, through the condition of human ‘sharing’ and ‘joining in’ our communities. Sensing the world’s qualities and dynamics at […]

Die Wolke art group

January 12, 2022


Die Wolke Art Group is a non-profit company for the performing arts and associated technologies, based in Thessaloniki. Its chief aim is the research and realisation of contemporary dance and interdisciplinary original works, as well as the support of local artistic activity, through events and collaborations. Die Wolke is particularly known for its use of […]

Athanasia Kanellopoulou

September 13, 2015


Manifesto Only inside movement we may finally find who we really are…    Creating and performing is a personal offering – I invite the audience to witness and also participate in this artistic transformation. My choreographic and personal research is a response to and resistance against an increasingly consumerist, ‘plastic’ society, it focuses around the […]

Lia Haraki

November 21, 2013


Tune In Moving from side to side from now to now in a forever changing moment allowing consciousness to perform itself in a dance without an ego of a body without a mind which tunes into whatever is with no judgement Can motion alone arouse emotions within the viewer? This was the question with which […]