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Athanasia Kanellopoulou

September 13, 2015


Manifesto Only inside movement we may finally find who we really are…    Creating and performing is a personal offering – I invite the audience to witness and also participate in this artistic transformation. My choreographic and personal research is a response to and resistance against an increasingly consumerist, ‘plastic’ society, it focuses around the […]

Lia Haraki

November 21, 2013


Tune In Moving from side to side from now to now in a forever changing moment allowing consciousness to perform itself in a dance without an ego of a body without a mind which tunes into whatever is with no judgement Can motion alone arouse emotions within the viewer? This was the question with which […]

Artemis Lampiri

October 8, 2013


ANAMESA (in between) Concept Anamesa is a dance piece for four dancers that deals with both the internal and external imbalance we all experience this period in Greece and during this huge world crisis. Anamesa is a quest of that moment right in between the past and the future. Anamesa states transition: political transition that […]


October 7, 2013


manifesto 1: SPECULUM/SPECHIO/MIRROR/SPIEGEL/3ERKAΠO/MIROIR/ΚΑΤΟΠΤΡΟ. ____________________________________________________________________________________ manifesto: To be present and aware, to keep faith, to live along with our social reality, being aware of our reality, for we want to change it. method:  Our starting point can be a poem or a theater play or even news (from newspapers, internet, television etc. material). The next step […]

Creo dance company- Polina Kremasta

September 5, 2013


Creo  is a contemporary dance company based in Athens, Greece- created in 2008, part of the Reon non-profit group of artists and a member of the Association of Greek Choreographers since 2010.  “Apogee” The research is an attempt to explore the interaction between contemporary and Greek traditional dances and the encounter of the two in a “new” […]

Sia Sourelou- Enteka dance

January 27, 2012


Dance itself is a motivation,   looking for extraordinary moments when out of nothing came something, where nothing is something  There is a saying “what we don’t see doesn’t exist”…I am interested in what is beneath and beyond what we see. In the search of our identity, moving gives us the chance to create another kind […]

Fysalida Dance – Georgia Petrali (geo_move)

January 26, 2012


  Fysalida Dance of Georgia Petrali site: e-mail: youtube: facebook: Fysalida Dance   Contact Improvisation Festival in Crete site: e-mail: facebook: Contact Improvisation Festival in Crete, Greece facebook: CI FestivalCrete   Fysalida’s Artistic Vision Fysalida is a dance group based in Heraklion, Crete. The group was founded in 2006 […]