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Zoi Dimitriou

February 10, 2022


A short manifesto Work  Resisting categorisation, my works are characterised by a pared-down, minimalist style of performance with a devoted attention to detail. I hold a strong commitment to exploring ways through which the body can make manifest and reveal the human condition and preserve the significance of craft as an operational mode for experimentation […]

Die Wolke art group

January 12, 2022


Die Wolke Art Group is a non-profit company for the performing arts and associated technologies, based in Thessaloniki. Its chief aim is the research and realisation of contemporary dance and interdisciplinary original works, as well as the support of local artistic activity, through events and collaborations. Die Wolke is particularly known for its use of […]


October 7, 2013


manifesto 1: SPECULUM/SPECHIO/MIRROR/SPIEGEL/3ERKAΠO/MIROIR/ΚΑΤΟΠΤΡΟ. ____________________________________________________________________________________ manifesto: To be present and aware, to keep faith, to live along with our social reality, being aware of our reality, for we want to change it. method:  Our starting point can be a poem or a theater play or even news (from newspapers, internet, television etc. material). The next step […]

Amalgama- Maria Gorgia

July 15, 2011


Manifesto  YES  to spectacle and anti spectacle to virtuosity and anti virtuosity-simplicity to transformations and magic and make-believe to the glamour and transcendency of the star image to the anti glamour and fragmentation         to the heroic and to the anti heroic to trash imagery to involvement of performer or spectator to style to camp to […]

Detour collective- Aikaterini Dinopoulou

July 5, 2011


Telepresence and Telematics An investigation of the physical and digital body in interactive digital performance and installation This study will introduce contrasts and comparisons between ‘digital’ and ‘physical’ bodies, and examine questions regarding their relationship and use in the telematic interactive dance performance and installation practices that are part of my research project. On the […]