Sia Sourelou- Enteka dance

Posted on January 27, 2012


"Life beneath..." photo by Harris Germanidis

Dance itself is a motivation, 

 looking for extraordinary moments

when out of nothing came something,

where nothing is something

 There is a saying “what we don’t see doesn’t exist”…I am interested in what is beneath and beyond what we see.

In the search of our identity, moving gives us the chance to create another kind of dialogue through our body which reveals a whole new area of questioning and understanding.

As a choreographer I don’t follow a specific choreographic path. I like to experiment sometimes giving specific guidelines and others letting my self in an open area, “playing” with every movement, sense, quality. I like to create images, I think with images. They are the pieces of a puzzle that are connected with each other. Autonomous pieces with their own story-life but at the same time they make a perfect whole. Everything is connected through obvious and mystical ways, the same way we are connected with each other.

Through questioning and our need to share, collaborating and coexisting with people from different artistic but also geographical areas gives a whole new interaction. We are like cultural maps…our bodies carry our past, our present but also signs for our future.    

  Theodosia Sourelou was born inAthens,Greece. She graduated from the State School of Dance inAthens. On 2001 she went toNew Yorkon a scholarship by Onassis Foundation where she lived for almost three years. There she gained another scholarship fromDanceSpaceCenterand she collaborated with Deborah Bailey, Nina Winthrop, Luis Lara, Jeremy Nelson, Birgit Ramsauer. She has participated in workshops with David Dorfman, Lisa Race, Meg Stuart, David Zabrano, Ted Stoffer, Ivan Wolfe, Frey Faust among others. She was a basic member of Dimitris Papaioannou choreography team for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games 2004 inAthens. InGreeceshe has collaborated with Analia dance company, Griffon dance company, Sine Qua Non in a collaboration with the National Stage of Dance, Tzeni Argyriou among others. In 2009 she collaborated with Frey Faust as a choreographer and a dancer in performances inAthensand Patra. In 2010 she was the choreographer of a play by the actress and director Anna Kokkinou. She is a dance and yoga teacher since September 2004 and also a founding member of  Enteka “11” dance company.

"Life beneath..." photo by Harris Germanidis

 Enteka (11) dance company  , Founded in 2005

 2009 “Life beneath…in collaboration with Frey Faust  (a work in progress)  Athens

2007      “Anexithiki”      Athens

2007     “huMANimal”    Athens

2006     “Backooh…the creatures that keep your dreams safe”  Athens

2005     “Nutcracker” in  collaboration with Notos Galleries    Athens 

2006/2005    “Tiko”      Greece,  Egypt.            

2003     “Strike”     in collaboration with Hamilton Monteiro, the musicians Aviv Cohen, (RedFest) Sharon Hochma and the director Eric Davis (Judson Church), New York

2002 / 2003     “Backooh”   St. Marks Church, Vent Festival), New York  

2002     “TRUST…The Road U Somehow Took  , OneArmRed, New York

2002     “huMANimal”,  Evolving Arts Theater, New York

2001      “Rhyme” ,  DanceSpaceCenter, New York

Sia Sourelou