Maxine Heppner- update

Posted on September 26, 2016


What changed if something changed in your work in the last few years since our last interview?

last interview here

I am more quiet and more honest with myself, making the process with others more joyful. Inside the work, that is still dense and tightly constructed, there seems to be more space. Pauses are open rather than closed. And if the work is a circle, rather than standing deep inside the circle I am closer to the edge, rested, poised and ready.

Do you consider your work Greek?

I don’t assign a nationality to my work. Years of living in Greece heightens certain awarenesses and expressive modes, although they are difficult to put into words. Similarly years of work in Canada and in Southeast Asia have heightened other modes.

Can you identify characteristics of the Greek dance scene? Do you recognise such a scene existing?

Multi-facetted. Reaching. Expressive. Emotional. Technical. Abstract. Physical. Active. Indefatigable.