Danai Pappa

Posted on September 8, 2015


Choreography as a tool

photo: tristan-perez-martin

photo: tristan-perez-martin


I am looking for the rules that define the joy of life. In other words, life itself.

I see the artist as a researcher. There is nothing random in art. The choreographer has to find the components that lead to a creative result.

I am inspired by everything. Especially by big cities. The more madness and sloppiness is around me, the more I need to make art. Being either in London, in Athens or in Mexico City is one and the same. My homeland is myself; my thoughts. I want my choreographic work to be open to multiple interpretations and governed by universality.

I observe situations and behaviours, formulate questions and create while I am trying to satisfy –and at the same time stimulate– my curiosity. I consider the body as a vessel with not only physical, but also social, political and cultural dimensions. In this sense, the body can carry a lot.

I am an artist because I aspire to become human.

Danai Pappa