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Stella Dimitrakopoulou – Trio Collective

April 12, 2014


Stella Dimitrakopoulou, interview by fromstagetopage   Could you briefly introduce yourselves?   My name is Stella Dimitrakopoulou. I am a dancer, performance maker and researcher. I grew up in Athens and I live in London since 2008.   What do you want to question with your current project? Currently my project is my PhD in […]

Before and After Symposium- IETM Meeting Athens

April 3, 2014


During the symposium Before and After¬†lead by Mariela Nestora, a personal account of experiencing the greek dance scene ‘before’ and ‘after’ the crisis was attempted. Working independently with YELP danceco. and working collectively within the CCP project ¬†were juxtaposed. CCP choreographers and theoreticians Betina Panagiotara and Steriani Tzintziloni participated in this symposium. Choreographers Iris Karayan, […]