Nina Alcalay

Posted on October 10, 2013


Νina Alcalay : Dancer- Dance theorist-Choreographer-Dance Therapist

Choreographic projects : I prefer mixing professional dancers with people who did not have a dance training. In professional dancers I look for skill and passion, in others I look for  idiosyncratic movement, curiosity and mind-body flexibility. The choreographic process asks for active participation. This way movement contributions of the  movers create a puzzle  of human  encounters and emotions that are framed in the concept of the particular work. Overall, the work always refers to a specific underlying narrative.

Why dance, teach dance, write on dance or restore balance through dance?


Paradise Lost or Found photo Artemis Alcalay

The Moving Body

The moving body as a site of experience- memory-phantasy- conflicts
The moving body as a tool for bringing order to chaos

The moving body opposite (and not against) verbal experience

The moving body as part of the social and political framework

The moving body as refuge of freedom

The moving body as a way of being and of becoming
The  moving body as an affirmation of life, as antidote to death (of desire)



Remembrance photo Takis Anagnostopoulos

Nina Alcalay