Artemis Lampiri

Posted on October 8, 2013


ANAMESA (in between)


Anamesa is a dance piece for four dancers that deals with both the internal and external imbalance we all experience this period in Greece and during this huge world crisis.

Anamesa is a quest of that moment right in between the past and the future. Anamesa states transition: political transition that is happening here and now, biological transition between life and death, personal transition between love and hate, social transition of belonging or not.

On stage, an autonomous environment open enough to exist in today’s sociopolitical situation; a shape ready to degrade at any time and at the same moment so well tight, that its members are free to function as units but also as part of the world that they belong to. Between them, anything and everything is possible and can happen.

Anamesa is a dance piece about the uniqueness of existence. Four dancers move along lines and squares meeting each other briefly and obeying to the rules of their society. When one of them decides to change space and time all of them slowly follow him and by “shaking the room” (their world), they start to create deeper relationships of varied quality between them. Small revolutions happen as their world evolves and grows. And then, the piece zooms-in to each one’s face connecting the state that they are all in with the facts that are happening to them. The two separate relationships represented at the end of the piece could be interpreted as reflections of each other; two layers of a unique relationship seen from a different point of view- or as if each woman is an alternative projection of the couple’s units.

Anamesa is a performance that explores the state of being of our intestines, in times of great transitions and emotional imbalances.


Concept/composition: Artemis Lampiri

Music: TheNewBestNiagara

Performance: Kanty Karra, Konstantinos Rizos, Margarita Trikka, Ioanna Heitzanoglou

Teaser, photos & flyer:  Dionysis Tsousis, Spyros Andreadis

Duration: 50 min.

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Artemis Lampiri  

Artemis Lampiri was born in Athens in 1984 where she now works as a dancer, choreographer and dramaturg. She studied at the Professional School of Dance “Rallou Manou”, later choreography at ArtEZ in Holland and Theatre Studies at the University of Utrecht with a full scholarship by the State Foundation (IKY).

As a choreographer she was awarded with the prize of the best duet work in the contest of “Kinitiras residency center” in Athens in 2012. She has participated in festivals and made her own productions in theaters in Greece, Croatia, the Netherlands and Spain with her own pieces – “Anamesa-In Between”, “(YX) ^ 2”, “Falling in love”, “Three Wolds” (installation performance), “Apatheia”, etc. –  She is also actively guiding improvisational performances in Amsterdam and Greece.

As a dancer she has worked with Magpie Dance Music (Katie Duck), Antigone Gyra, mono collective, Silvia Bennett, Abhilash Ningappa, Sylvain Meret, Noa Simons, Meli Melo, GNO, Daniel Lommel, etc.

She has been teaching workshops and classes on improvisation, choreography and movement research in the Netherlands, Israel, Spain and Greece and contemporary technique in dance studios for professionals, adults and children over the past eight years.