Posted on October 7, 2013


manifesto 1:


To be present and aware, to keep faith, to live along with our social reality, being aware of our reality, for we want to change it.
 Our starting point can be a poem or a theater play or even news (from newspapers, internet, television etc. material). The next step is interaction of the body with text, within the safe frame of studio improvisation. Next step is to reform improvisation results into a performative frame, and thus create a dramaturgy – build our performance.
company-production description:
 For Michalis Perperidis, Vaggelio Kiriazidou and Olga Spiraki, СоюЗ (SOYUZ) is our meeting point. Our company created TIME IS UP and The worlds’ Neighborhoods (both productions were presented at Kinitiras studio and PK theater, ARGO theater – (participated as independent creators at the Annual Festival of Dance by the Greek Choreographers Association). Our company is working on the  ongoing project RADIO TRANSMISSION: research on the body interacting with documentary sound material of news broadcasts. Radio Transmission was also presented at Annual  Festival of Dance by the Greek Choreographers Association in 2012.  The Slaughter Game was also a collaboration between Olga Spiraki of Soyuz company and Circle Team Theater company, based on Ioneskos’ play Le jeu de massacre. It was presented for one month at ALKMINI theatre, February 2013.
SLAUGHTER GAME  - foto by Konstantinos Stavrianos

SLAUGHTER GAME – foto by Konstantinos Stavrianos

on the work:
Now our next work is to research how Becket’s play ROCKABY corresponds with our social economical and political state of Greece for the past and present 5 years- commencing from the murder of Alex Grigoropoulos till our days.
on why:
WHY is also our question. Why is our society’s structure so inhuman? why does human nature accepts  injustice and violence so easily-  when solidarity, love and happiness are all we really need to move forward as humans?… We research and create based on our need to understand, expose and if we can.. suggest. For we trust in humanity and life.
Our references are divided in two categories:
A. materials for creation, which is our dramaturgy context of a play or poem or news material.
B. Theory through which we re-establish our understanding of the text and of the movement as it interacts with the text – we base our research on mostly social political books. For instance, at this point we examine ROCKABY in relation to : Brechts’ novel Stories of Mr.Keuner, and “Capitalism, The hidden charm of the bourgeoisie” and”Peoples of Europe” by  VASILIS RAFAILIDIS.

TIME IS UP foto by Irini Krikou

Olga Spiraki – Performer/choreographer
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