V. VOID- Evangelos Poulinas

Posted on September 21, 2011


Why would you want to make the Greeks love dance?

To me, even if it sounds naïve, dance has the capacity to remind people of the loss of beauty. I don’t want to speak about beautiful bodies, aesthetics, well-formed shape, dynamics, fluidity nor complete composition. Undoubtedly all the aforementioned exists in dance, as dance should also include ugly bodies, kitsch aesthetics and uncomfortable compositions. What I would like to talk about, is the kind of beauty I find everywhere in dance. I am talking about the beauty of the performer in action: the mere existence of the body in action on stage or any other space. Dance can move us or motivate us towards a less compliant attitude of life. Helping us arrest the passivity in which we patiently wait for the end to come and assist us in taking act towards the development of our lives. Helping us believe in our own power and act towards achieving our goals. Ultimately I believe that dance can show us the way towards a life-attitude  full of courage. By knowing that our feet can carry us we can take full responsibility of our actions. I believe that these are the values that can help man-made societies. And for this I would want the people of my country to love dance.

Evangelos Poulinas


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