Persa Stamatopoulou

Posted on July 27, 2011


I choreograph from nothingness, from the accidental, the unexpected blinking of life itself

and as it is seems-  from the deepest inner me:  conscious or subconscious

which offers to  my existence a sense of identity and definition.

I choreograph from the attraction of the loud silence of the body that breathes, falls, rises, flies, crawls

While it is waiting for another body to fall on it, or supersede it, to touch it or to just look at it.

I choregraph by erasing and mainly by taking away.

As a person who loves human imperfection, I wait with the anticipation of  child, the response from the other to the question I raise

And from one question to the next, I almost always end up at the unexpected.

I choreograph one way or the other, from ignorance.


Persa Stamatopoulou

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