Enniamorfo- Teti Nikolopoulou

Posted on July 21, 2011


I dance in order to connect with the essence of my existence. I choreograph in order to change the world. I move with other people in order to move and be moved. I practice contact improvisation in order to socialize and communicate. Dance for me is a philosophy both somatic and cosmic. Within this approach, movement connects me to my environment, both the internal and external; it offers me stimuli and choices. Without movement I shrink, I disappear.

I choreograph in order to record my experiences and to communicate them with others. Breath is the path on which I travel. Art is the frame. The dancers are fellow travelers and brothers. What more could I ask of my life?

To stay close to our souls which inhabit our bodies, so that our voice , our movement is heard.


Key words:

Body mind practice, Zen theory, thinking body, embodiment, improvisation , locomotion, flow, present in action…

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