Kyra Ithasimigi Dance theater- Alexandra Daniil

Posted on July 20, 2011


The most pivotal dance is that of the breath of man. The first movement is that of the breath. As the breath gets larger, spreads onto the body and then opens into the space. Movement and harmony exist on all bodies as well as each body’s particular quality. Every body can create a personal movement language,  as long as it gets the chance to discover this ability. For this, we need education and the inclusion of dance in schools, since dance facilitates the development of a substantial and creative relationship of the individual with itself.

The way in which a dancer moves- beyond any specific dance techniques in which he has learned- the way in which he chooses to end his movement phrases, his silences , his pauses, clearly demonstrate his personality, the way he lives , loves, be- friends and  ultimately his choices. The body speaks of truths that speech cannot articulate.

I like to watch people and the way they move:  guess their stories, their experiences through subtle gestures or habits on their bodies. Living a life that is full and yet grounded in my everyday life, through my body I feel I lift off into another ‘reality’. The art form of dance allows me a sense of abstraction.

Art is not something separate from life. One is contained within the other. Through the different qualities of energy flow we work on, dance functions therapeutically for both the body and soul. It helps us maintain our freshness and youthfulness. Art is important for people because it offers the possibility of play and hence preserves the child within.

In my work as a choreographer I am interested in the individual movement language of each dancer. The story of each body, as it has so far developed in time and space. I choose to work with dancers according to the quality of their movement, which usually is in harmony with my own movement language. This is the place where our stories meet and this were we start creating new stories.

Beyond technique, form or limits between art forms, there are pathways that sometimes take you to places that you did not intend  to go. There is no guarantee for success. These unexpected places seem to have a value and interest for me. It is a philosophy in the wider sense of the word, an attitude towards life not just an attitude to wards art.

I will always take life as my starting point and travel with my body.



Alexandra Daniil (Artistic director-choreographer)



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