Syndram dance company- Hrisiida Liatziviri

Posted on July 9, 2011





Yes to movement

Yes to lots of movement since one can’t measure this anyway

Yes to sweating, yes to being out of breath, yes to sweaty clothes

Yes to dancers who love dance and are loved

Yes to closed eyes, with a dance of images behind the eyelids

Yes to time and effort gone by as long you danced it

Yes to bodies meeting and flying low

Yes to thoughts that move you, returning back to you as new

Yes to everything that puts music to your steps

Yes to the steps you found no matter what you went through

Yes to the steps you never found

Yes to the movements you didn’t manage to do

Yes to your own special dance, parthenogenesis is only a utopia

Yes to everything that moves you, physically and emotionally

Yes to everything that you are

Yes to whatever it is they made you be, if you believe it is what truly moves you now

Yes to the dancer you see and more to the one that makes you listen to the sound of silence

Yes to the maximum if you can handle it

Yes to the minimum if that is all you can

Yes to all the No s of others if it is dance

Yes to all the Yes s that will ever be, as long as they can be danced.



-What’s your name and why?

-My name is Hrisiida , for no particular reason.

-Are you a choreographer?

-I am a choreo- danceanything , you?

-I am the one asking the questions.

-I am the one falling in love.

-With who/what?

-With your questions.

-Were you afraid at the beginning?

-A beginning is not defined by time, but by dance and space-before you say goodbye.

-Goodbye, in the beginning?

-Instead of a beginning.

-And then?

-Then you go to a party.

-Who invited you there?

-You are born for that party… and then you think you’re going to live forever.

-You  lived?

-I still do.


-I passed form there, in order to find God.

-And? Did you find Him?

-He was there from the beginning. He had his huge headphones on and was enjoying the sound.

-And you?

-I just about managed the trip to there and that is more than enough.

-Enough? Sufficient?Are you content?

-Nothing is ever enough, there is never enough time.


-I like running with time.

-Are you friends?

-We are enemies.

-So why are you running together?

-So that the best one wins at the photo-finish line.

-And what happens in the end?

-Nothing so far, I am still looking at the photos from our past competitions and I am waiting…

-Waiting for what?

-Your questions and time passing by.

-Smart but not strong enough.

-Only pain and love are strong.

-Keep on talking.


-Of what?

-Of love, strong enough that you are in pain.

-And what about pain?

-Maybe something, maybe nothing , it depends.

-Depends on?

-For Ismene, pain depended on good old Time and the heavy ornaments that held her down on earth.

-So Ismene is a metaphor for yourself?

-Ismene belongs to the poet , I just borrowed her.

-Did you dance that part?

-I prefer to think that I just thought about her.

-Are you thinking now?

-I am always thinking.

-Of what?

-Of everything , as long as…

-As long as  what?

-As long as the sound is loud enough at the party, so that the clicking sound of the photograph on the finish line -of Time winning the race is not audible.

As long as all the goodbyes you have to say at the finish line are louder than the love you lived on the way. So that when you return here, to yourself , you can still think and play with me one round of GO.SO.LO.

-I feel very confused

-Don’t worry, that is exactly the way you should feel.