Magma dance co.- Stefanie Tsakona

Posted on July 7, 2011


I declare myself to be a dance teacher and choreographer. I sometimes experiment as a performer.

In choreography I am looking for the meaning of being.

I prefer to avoid representation.

I am interested in what lies beyond form.

I am interested in offering a message to the audience.

My first choreography was presented in 1992.

The past years I have been mainly creating solos.

Being on stage offers me the possibility of discovering different pathways of approaching Being. In the most recent performance,  I experimented on time present. On  NOW.

Time and space are the two notions that I feel attracted to.

I have been researching on these elements for years now. Through this investigation, I created a specific sequence of exercises, with the aim of also teaching this method.

Stefanie Tsakona 2011