Luna Park- Kosmas Kosmopoulos

Posted on July 6, 2011


A few general words on my work


In my work (performances/ video films/ photos) I try to shape pictures of what our lives are determined by, pictures of the human desire to leave traces on the Earth, of the attempt to find and give love, but also of loneliness, vanity, and renunciation.

How can the individual keep these pictures, how can it avoid forgetting, simply: how to remember? What happens to our experiences in our mind, what is getting lost, and what do we keep in the very end?


While asking those questions to myself in my work, I am focusing on the possibilities of combining more traditional ways of performing arts with those of new media. I am trying to use these different elements in a co-supportive way, so that they can coexist and create different layers of perception and allow several interpretations in a dance theatre piece or a video installation.

It seems a very complex task to find the right balance between those elements. The viewer tends to look at what attracts his attention more, matches his expectations, or is more familiar to him. To find the right balance, to find a way to surprise the viewer and guide him or her in new visual territories is right now my main point of research. It seems essential to keep the ability of new interpretations because this is the only way that can lead us to changes beyond personal education, taste and expectations.


One of the basic conditions of life seems to be the ability to change or adapt. To be alive means to be in motion, and to move demands openness for a change.

Evolution does not mean much more than a constant adaptation to permanently changing circumstances. A species that is able to adapt quickly to a new surrounding has a better chance of survival, and it is sentenced to death if it cannot do this any longer. Even the human being is – as a part of nature – subject to this simple rule. Being intelligent, and able to abstract, humans have found and formulated this rule, but they cannot invalidate it. It is valid for them, too – they survive by adapting. If they cannot adapt to one place any longer or to a situation, they have to look for another place or they will disappear. There are many reasons to give up usual territories, spatial and mental; the real motive in most cases seems to be the longing for a better fortune – to get closer to some kind of a dream.

One of the basic interests in my choreographic and video work is the chance to capture the moments and the procedures of those changes and to capture their departure and arrival points.


I like to think that my work could also be seen as a diary, a documentation of very personal experiences and thoughts, seen from my own subjective point of view. Showing these images to a public is like betraying myself, exposing something that should have stayed hidden. On the other hand those images are often like cryptic messages put in a new associative order so that everybody seems able to look and adapt these images in his own personal way, to find his story in them and finally understand himself.


The audience should become the witness and the accomplice of these processes.




Kosmas Kosmopoulos/ LUNA PARK