Kiriakos Hatziioannou

Posted on July 6, 2011


Methodology. Possibilities. Form.

Ways of working with the instability of the dance.

Three layers of usability: the personal, the presented and the shared.

I am not inventing anything, I am trying to put together different familiar possibilities in a certain structure and believe it will enable potential to appear.

Create with the body vectors in space that I relate to.

3Dimentional: Working with the mass level – become a body of intention.

The imagination of the space creates freedom, or supports the dancing.

The importance of letting the task goes: the traces the task produce.

The body as an assemblage with the world rather than an image or representation of it.

We believe in superstitions – we create for ourselves superstitions.

Observation as a productive action.

We will not apply rumours but create stories.

To deal not with the future spectators, but with the act of spectatorship.

How to create potentiality.

The work of identification is constant: constructing and de-constructing frames of identity.

“Extracting a concept out of bodies and states of affairs it is always to give them a new event”. Paul Patton

Objects that are distinguished from the person who generated them.

Can a choreography be seen as a selection and formulation of possibilities?

Distinction between the different forms used in the same system and different ways of using the system in a form.

In general I seek to produce clarity: one that has the ability to create confusion.

Never / always arrive.

Travelling through a landspace of personal concepts.

The repeated: convert the possibilities into challenges for creating difference.

The transition from the unfamiliar and vice verse.

Attention as a productive force.

Methodology that proposes a procedure.

Repetition as a force that goes beyond the doing, into represented.

The map is the place, it’s the choreography. But the dance creates a space.

The authorship exists in the action of formulating and reformulating.

Fighting against former perceptions of myself.

The reversal of actualization is conceptualization.

It is not about negotiating but rather about reformulating.

A less is a place of more.

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