ON/OFF dance- Maria Softsi

Posted on July 5, 2011


“dance etc ON/OFF” 

The company ON/OFF was created on a typical form of a non profitable company on May 2008 as a medium to express the thoughts that came out from the way of living of its Cultural Director Softsi Maria. Under the characterization of “dance etc” she manifests the idea of creating artistic and other productions that may start from the dance field but it doesn’t stop there. It expands to scientific, intellectual, environmental and social fields. In the globalised spacious or virtual dimension we experience is essential that all above fields which man had invented through its evolution are now come to get connected and interact to each other. Now more than ever in human history science, environment, society, technology, philosophy are strongly linked with art.


As a first approach, Softsi Maria worked with women of the third age to prove the hidden dynamic that underlies in a big part of human society, the older, “retired” individuals. The outcome of this project was a performance that opened the the 2nd panorama of Greek choreographers in 2007 as “third age project- the body language”. Soon after the human “civilized”     practices on environment gave the motivation for the project “on ice” (part 1 and 2 plus various performances on public spaces i.e. “Noam Chomsky on ice- a critical approach”, Sax-Alessandro on ice- a tribute to Alex Grigoropoulos”) presented as installation performances. The project “On ice” is a project that can never end. It functions as a “podium” that whenever is needed is going to reach public and manifest the tragic effects of human civilization. Its role apart from its artistic and esthetic means, intends to be a project with “no expiring date” which is going to evolve through time and space until its total destruction (it is a human technological piece after all!). On 2009 after a long fight with the municipality of Athens against the cutting of old trees in the middle of Athens, Softsi Maria struggling against the destruction of the few public spaces in Athens create the video installation performance “In-tent”.


With similar projects and performances the choreographer intents to manifests a different kind of approaching Art, under alternative and many times difficult paths whose obvious aim may not be visible only after each action but also as a long life project. The choreographer inspired by the principles of conceptual art set herself and her works free from space and time lines while she uses their linked relationship to infinity as a principal symbol and a guide.